Scorton C of E Primary School

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Grizedale Class – Spring


This is what we will be learning about in Spring Term in Grizedale class.

Spring Parent Leaflet – Space Leaflet LKS2


In English we will be studying and writing a variety of different texts throughout the term. We will be writing our own chapters for Charlotte’s Web including a whole new miracle. We will be using our space theme to write explanation texts about a fantastic new spacesuit machine. We will also be writing our own fantasy stories based on a variety of fantasy texts.

In non-fiction we will be writing our own newspaper reports about the moon landing in 1969.


We have done a lot of work on fractions and decimals this term. We have used this to help us when we have moved on to working with different unit of measurement. We have been really focusing on our reasoning and problem solving skills and how we can use diagrams to help us order our calculations.


In Science we have been learning about light and shadows. We have talked about light sources, what a shadow is, how our shadows change and opaque, translucent and transparent materials.

We will be learning more about sound and electricity as the term progresses.


In our art work this term we have taken inspiration from the visit of a famous artist. We spent a day working with Chas Jacobs to create our own pieces in his distinctive style before painting our own original Chas Jacobs sketch. In addition to this, our year 4 children completed further painting work at Garstang Community Academy. This was based around pointillism.

Topic – History

We have been learning all about the moon landing in 1969. We have studied the history of flight and how the ‘space race’ occurred. We then looked at why humans landed on the moon, what it was like and whether it would be a good idea to do it again.


In computing we have been working on simulations and spreadsheets. Our online safety topic this half term was based on how we give permission and consent and what this means to ourselves and others.


We have been learning about days, numbers, colours and planets in French.


We have been thinking how Jesus has changed people’s lives. We have studied Bible stories and thought about our own lives.

We will also be looking at the Easter story as the term goes on.