Scorton C of E Primary School

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Grizedale Class РAutumn

This term our topic is ‘Food Glorious Food’. Look at all the exciting things we will be learning about by clicking on the topic leaflet.

Food Glorious Food Leaflet LKS2


In our English work this term we have written play scripts, persuasive letters and poetry among other things. We have also completed a number of piece of Big Writing in which we have shown all of our amazing skills.



Our maths work this term has been outstanding. We have managed to improve our understanding of place value (including rounding), addition and subtraction (including written methods), multiplication and division (including written methods) and we have even had time to work on Roman numerals and perimeter.

We have spent a lot of time working on our times tables, reasoning and problem solving and we get better every week.



This term in science, we have been learning about skeletons. We have carried out investigations, learned about different types of skeletons and about how muscles and skeletons are linked. As well as improving our investigation skills, we have proved that bones grow as we do.


So far this term we have been very busy in our RE lessons. Our first topic was God, David and the Psalms. During our work, we learned a lot about the life of David and we thought deeply about what we can learn from this.The instrument David played was the harp. He even played the harp for King Saul before he fought against Goliath. In class, we thought about how David showed us many qualities and values through his life, like courage, loyalty and faith. David wrote some of the Psalms in The Bible. In these, he compared God to a shield, a rock and a shepherd. God is like a rock because he is strong and we can build ourselves up with him and he is like a shepherd because he guides us to safety, he provides for everything we need and he protects us.


For our art topic this term we are taking inspiration from the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We will be working with collage, sketching, pastels and sculpture to create art using food.

Topic / Geography

Our topic for this term has been Food Glorious Food. We have spent time researching the ingredients in meals, which have come from the UK. For example, did you know that smoked salmon can come from Aberdeen in Scotland? We also used our mapping skills to locate foods that have come from other parts of the world. Did you know that rice can come from India and watermelon can be brought all the way from China? We have looked at the Red Tractor logo which shows that farmers have looked after their animals properly as well as producing food safely. Keeping this in mind, we thought about where we could buy food locally and if this was likely to have been produced nearby or far away.


In PE we have had a specialist coach come in to teach us basketball and we have all improved our skills and understanding of the sport.  Some of us took part in a basketball tournament this week and we played really well and enjoyed it a lot.

Earlier in the term, we were really lucky to have the chance to go to Hothersall Lodge to take part in a lot of outdoor activities. First we learned to orienteer which was using a map to search the area and find the right red posts. We had to use the stamp on the post to check that we had found the right one. It was loads of fun and quite tiring because we had to do a lot of running. After this, we did a lot of other team building and problem solving activities in the woods.


In computing we have been looking at how we can manipulate text and graphics in different ways using different software. We used our skills to make our own class cookbook with recipes that we brought in form home.

Our online safety focus this half term was how we can search the internet safely. We used some of our knowledge to create posters to help others.